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UONIPOW After sales service terms

Thanks for Choose UONIPOW as your trust brand products we supply perfect service to customers

1. Advisory services: users experience any problems during use, can call Toll Free: 400-788-5505 advice.
2. Replacement service: During the warranty time, if customer find quality problem made in factory, customer can going to exchange the new products from our agents .
3. Repair Service: if you products damage by Other factors, we supply free Repair service ,only charge spare parts cost


1. the acquisition date of purchase invoice date (no purchase invoice production date).
2. No barcodes, serial numbers products. The company does not undertake service obligations.
3. The quality problems do not include user personal sound quality, sound and other subjective objection.
4. replacement, warranty service is only valid under normal use: all man-made damage (such as user-disassemble, making inappropriate connection, access to inappropriate voltage power Failing to guide the use, etc.), due to the transport and other damage caused by the accident of force majeure, natural disasters, and by the Company approved maintenance and modification etc. is not replacement, free warranty; maintenance services appropriate charges.
5. Discontinued models of services. The company made only functional restoration (the original product appearance may vary)
6. The warranty does not cover housing, brochures, packaging
Third, please bring the original warranty card and purchase invoices on demand service. Please keep the warranty card and purchase invoices. Warranty card may not be altered, otherwise invalid.
Fourth, the use of our products, please read the product manual carefully
(Note: The Company reserves the final interpretation of product service regulations)