Excellent bubble, as the protection film brand charging treasure brand - Shenzhen Di Pinot Technology Co., Ltd. produced with a unique brand culture; Shenzhen mobile power brand list (charging treasure Which brand is good) in the forefront.
uonipow logo

Which brand is good charge treasure
UONIPOW brand analysis:
           UO: (Uitima Online) Genesis, innovation, creativity strongest.
           POW: (Power.) Power supply to power, so that there is power.
Brand color connotation:

           All brand identity background with white background, for the technology industry professional use, 

           a symbol of science and technology endless. Unlimited want to imagine the future of space.

           UONIPOW ------- generous font in orange, a symbol of limitless energy, pioneering and innovative spirit of the trend.

           Foam optimizing -------- generous with silver font, meaning low-key inside without losing the atmosphere, calm and 

dignified yet luxurious

Uonipow brand connotation: continuous improvement of manufacturing, technology innovation, forge ahead, to create a convenient and 

cost-effective products for consumers.

Excellent bubble implication: elegant life, happy heart free, free