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Considerable prospects for mobile power, no power to make happy

Author:Shenzhen Dipinle Technology Co., Ltd.Soure:Shenzhen Dipinle Technology Co., Ltd.Release time: 2015-07-07Label: Considerable prospects for mobile power    no power to make happy   

Chinese Internet enterprises Baidu company will work with the world's third-largest personal computer (PC) maker Dell Computer Corporation will jointly launch smart phone, which means that Baidu forward a field that does not have a strong position to take the new step: Do not know the outcome will be. Baidu and Dell how and Google Android, Apple OS and Microsoft Mango mobile Internet market in China under a high. let us wait and see. in 2011 smart phone market this cake does have attractive enough. the last time the rumors, Google and HTC pushes and new smart phones opinion honestly do not leave now, regardless of a soup now, when Dell announced Tuesday that cooperation with Baidu to launch a smart phone, the phone is based on the latter's "Baidu.? - easy "mobile terminal software platform, mainly for business and social entertainment groups. the phone is also China Unicom customized mobile phones, built Unicom customized services and calls package. easier Unicom users spend the majority of the roses custom smartphone.


        The industry believes that, with the popularity of smart phones, users are more inclined to use the application directly rather than first open the browser to search. Baidu also realized this recently undergoing business restructuring, increase investment in this area, but its Mobile Internet and the status of forces far from the search business in the PC.

        Dell said the move marks the debut of Dell's consumer business product lines to further improve and enhance cloud services. "China has become the world's largest smart phone market, and has many smart phone application innovation," Dell's global vice president and Greater Yang Chao, president of the Greater China region, said in a press release, "(new phones) reflects the growing cooperation with Dell's excellent local company to develop products and services to better serve the development of the concept of Chinese consumers."

        Research firm Strategy Analytics 19 said Tuesday that China overtake the United States in the third quarter as the world's largest by sales volume in the smartphone market, and Apple iPhone by price discounts and other hot models that help China's smart phone shipments in the third quarter grew 58%, reaching a record 23.9 ten thousand US Shipments in the second quarter decreased by 7% to 23.3 million units compared to, China's smart phone market can indeed limitless prospects, naturally attract a lot of mobile phone manufacturers into smartphones seize this fertile field fertilizer.