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Excellent bubble Mobile Power so that "we" enjoy excellent free tour

Author:Shenzhen Dipinle Technology Co., Ltd.Soure:Shenzhen Dipinle Technology Co., Ltd.Release time: 2015-07-07Label: Excellent bubble Mobile Power so that "we" enjoy excellent free tour   

In early summer, this is how nice a name very "Norman romance" was the word. The team was too soon - she would not because it is very hot and disgusting. The temperature is not high not low, not hot nor cold. Many people, as well as companies will choose this time to travel, trying Di Pinot technology company to thank employees for excellent bubble mobile power made 2014 big tour again this year organizing company, also in order to improve their members collaborate, cohesion! Here is the free trip arrangements through. (In order to travel in a timely manner interrelated company specially allotted per person a mobile phone charging treasure.)


8: 00-- designated pick-up people in the professional tour guide escorted all the way to participate in the game, with a happy mood travel by luxury air-conditioned car to Mirs.
10: 00-- go Yangmeikeng, returning to the bike ride (single or double), temporarily forget the busy busy city, in up to five kilometers of coastal tourist bike lane surrounded by Daya Bay to field friendly, non-polluting waters clear blue, tree-lined shore and enjoy healthy and bright, clean waves bring you pleasure, Throw away your troubles, the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, Tachia Island, deer Tsui sea view panoramic scenery.
11: 30-- go there Nishioki "Oriental Hawaii" reputation of beaches, mountains and rivers, sea blue and opacity on 4.5 km-long sand beach, such as silver, sea seats seats, blue waves, no industrial pollution, full of momentum. Let us away from the hustle and bustle of the city, into the embrace of nature, relax yourself, enjoy life, there are beaches, islands, reefs, sea rocks, holes, bridges, columns and other landforms complete MARINE sea, to you it is invincible Seaview! They go hand in hand along the shoreline only cloth, in the blue sky, everyone ears and listen to the waves sing, listen to the story of shells, what a joy ah!
12: 00-- begin our beach barbecue, we have prepared a hearty barbecue foods are chicken, chicken wings, eggplant, corn, sausage, meatballs, chicken etc ...... In this romantic seaside and friends to share a delicious, chatting, enjoying the endless ocean views, savored the rare leisure;
14: 00-- radium war RayWar is an entertainment and training in a military fashion sport that originated in the United States and Europe, is now popular around the world. Imitation guns and laser sensor system using the modified laser battle, the participants dressed in camouflage uniforms, armed with mock gun shuttle in the jungle, ruins and trenches to prepare for, like a real battle brings tremendous excitement and sense of accomplishment.
Began to enter the field, field project "Mission Impossible battle", "Jungle pressure flag war", "Three Kingdoms", "war of annihilation", "rushed to arrest warrants," "temporary first action," This is our new launch two campaign, will explain the rules of the game by the instructors in activity in queue. Red flag on the castle, the two sides of the number of comparable insurance from a different marching toward the city, the two sides in advancing the process to try to destroy the enemy to save our strength, to assist the firepower of the party vanguard each other comrades to to ensure that this Fangshun Li captured the castle 'red flag, red flag smoothly Kanghui side to win this war zone.
Note: Select a different field projects (two to three) depending on the number of people.
15: 00-- beach free activities, fishing or at the beach pickers, play, play in the water to swim, can organize themselves in beach soccer, beach volleyball, sun, surf, sand, cactus is bound to make your trip to the dynamic color add charm . (Free as we provide beach soccer, volleyball, badminton and other leisure items.) Or by boat to the sea (fee required), feel the wind and waves, feeling the ocean row boat and boarded Nishioki most iconic islands - Lai Chau Lovers Island . Lovers Island reef around four continents charming island side of the reef can be seen clearly, a group of freedom surrounded by a group of fish on coral reefs.
17: 30-- back home! The trip is over, I wish the tour returns bon voyage! !

      In life this increasingly fast-paced, a few line of work life, there is not much communication, is now increasingly dependent on mobile phone, but the phone is not a panacea, if no mobile phone charging treasure, the phone can not guarantee always have power. Want to release his heart, let yourself relax; give yourself a stay away of tour!
        In the travel, remember carrying a mobile phone charging treasure gifted bubble Oh! Let your phone always has power, not because the battery died not contact friends and family, the Internet share a pleasure trip with friends!