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Real Digital High Composite Security Technology for Mobile Power Supply?

Author:Shenzhen Dipinle Technology Co.,Ltd.Soure:Shenzhen Dipinle Technology Co.,Ltd.Release time: 2019-05-01Label:    

Nowadays, with the rapid development and convenience of the Internet age, especially with the information flooding, we rely more and more on mobile phones.

Mobile phones are becoming more and more part of our life. We can not do without mobile phones. Although mobile phones bring us a lot of convenience,

 they also take up a lot of our time. At this time, Mobile phones often have no electricity. Such as "home-cooked meals" in general, so charging treasure is particularly important.

What are the real digital high composite security technologies?

Overcharge protection to prevent excessive battery charging. Over-discharge protection to prevent excessive discharge of batteries. Overvoltage protection, to prevent battery charging and discharging, high voltage. 

Overcurrent protection to prevent excessive battery discharge current. Overpower protection to prevent battery overpower discharge. There are also temperature protection, short circuit protection, restoration protection, 

anti-back protection and electromagnetic field protection.

What are the real digital high composite security technologies?

Seeing the picture above, you can't help asking, "Why didn't this technology come into being earlier?" "Er... "Blame me me me." In fact,

 it is a good thing for consumers to realize the maturity of this technology and then go public in an all-round way.

For this UONIPOW brand UP109 series new products on the market in 2019, there are: small size, electricity fully meet our daily intelligent equipment external power supply needs;

 in addition, there are intelligent temperature sensing technology, not hot; can support three kinds of equipment charging at the same time, plus a mature digital high composite security technology.