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Brand VS cottage which brand to buy the mobile phone charging treasure good?

Author:华夏新力Soure:This stationRelease time: 2015-06-05Label: Brand VS cottage which brand to buy the mobile phone charging treasure good?   
Phone charging treasure now become an indispensable tool in the hands of many people, use of the crowd focused on the 20-40 age group. These are supposed to bring us convenient charging treasure, but because the cottage small workshop production conditions, product quality inspection checks far reach, quality standards, not national certification, testing and other problems due to the purchase of the consumer who brought a lot of hidden dangers and damage.

Recently: CCTV exposure market power nearly half of mobile phone charging treasure power capacity vacuity. In recent years, the number of newspapers, online media will see spontaneous combustion due to the poor quality of mobile power outage caused by the subway, causing panic stampede caused by passengers; and explode to life-threatening accidents consumers; everywhere!

Quality Risk detection quality inspection agencies shows: the virtual standard capacity of a maximum of three non-product, capacity was 74.6% deviation caused by charging treasure capacity vacuity two main reasons, one reason manufacturers in order to save costs, cut corners, and the other One reason is because consumers are unable to distinguish, but can only be purchased on the basis of charging treasure marked capacity.

We also appealed to consumers to support the brand, buy genuine!

uonipow foam optimizing brand mobile power by the Shenzhen Wan bangko Electronics Co., Ltd. produced the China Quality Association member units sold foam optimizing mobile power production: the supplier side

Strictly, both in quality strength, or product testing and certification must have only taken into account, a second round, third round of screening-out, the last pick quality supplier! In production

1, SMT testing, detailed record, qualified for the next process step;
2, PCB and batteries (Samsung batteries) Welding
3, charge and discharge testing to ensure that the mobile power capable of stable current output, to prevent instability caused spontaneous combustion, explosion!
4, batteries aging test
5, qualified product packaging, packaging technology seamless
6. Finally, the product of several batches of random checks, records.
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