uonipow foam optimizing brand mobile power, mobile charging treasure, car charger products investment agency process and answers the concerns of customers ideas.
First, the problem: high prices hard to sell (of disadvantage to advantage, must sell out, and assurance that sell)
ANSWER ideas
1. The description of the high price advantage, the disadvantage of low-priced products
1) prices: you pay for, meaning good product quality, security - timber, apples material (PC ceramic material); high quality batteries (product wins, Yu Bo like ours with batteries ); South Korea imported IC
2) Low: means that the product quality can not be guaranteed, the interests of the downstream chain sales are not guaranteed, businesses selling do not worry, do not feel at ease; users and consumers could not buy rest assured that with Debu ease. - (Advantage: low price, selling fast) we called profit in the current era, to be cheap, the cost analysis, the case of labor, factory rent and other office expenses remain high, and the only source of low-cost products is reduced own costs, and that the cost of the product itself what constitutes it, only to reduce all kinds of timber and choose inexpensive programs, so-called fleece, the only way to keep costs down, the only way to make low-priced products. But the consequences of these of course is obvious, after the merchant is caused by obvious, she kept frequent sale, resulting in the downstream chain businesses shedding distrust produce, lack of integrity, a loss of a large number of a large number of parents of consumer complaints kept, enraged. Industry reshuffle led to the decline of these manufacturers is to let your tears. Development of all sectors of the market can not escape the cruel laws of baptism. So hurry on the eve of the mobile power industry reshuffle elected to do brand. From the current market is nothing more than the product wins and Yu Bo is more famous, but strictly speaking, they can only be called a high-profile only, because three of the brand they only achieve the visibility, why do you say, do the brand do is visibility (exposure + usage + channel brand), and the second is the reputation (brand reputation + industry), which is missing, Third loyalty (consumer brands), they are more lacking. (PISEN always the agent as a stepping stone, off the wall ladder, then self-built store, it is necessary to eat meat but also soup (with product wins biggest advantage is its business model, is the greatest danger, product line too long, especially in the digital batteries, cell phones become the biggest burden, coupled with the current form of fewer and fewer in Japan and the promotion of smart phones, camera consumption, its situation is more serious, this one; the other is from Camp shops and other leading cost too much, whether human or material resources will be overwhelmed by it, of course, this is just my personal opinion); Yu Bo is online and transfer lines, no factories, the proliferation of fakes; and they have a fatal wound, price transparency is too high, the profits to partners living space is too small, too small to survive so they also do an action: there has been called the second brand, product wins a "play plus", which is a ridiculously high product positioning; Yu Bo a "Edgar," a ridiculous products)
3) the promotion of advantages. . . . . .
4) Marketing: Marketing + brand formula nanny super preferential support policies
Second, the interest of space, analyzes the rate of return on investment
1) From the current market, we UONIPOW foam optimizing retail and wholesale a price of space is very large.
2) from all sectors, eventually victorious, the company can do all strong brands, Chinese companies an average life expectancy of all of 2.9 years, so short is because China has too few real brand awareness of the company up. You can make money only brand, and now the market can make money in two ways only one large-scale, through large-scale to reduce costs while increasing competitive advantage, obtain and capture the market. The second is the brand, the brand can only be a final victory, the only brand to get maximum profit margins, prices will not fall into a vicious swirl, every day for a couple of dollars difference vicious fought over in China at present never missing cheap in China is always only lower, there will be a minimum, out of the vicious bidding only magic is to do the brand, the brand is the only way, so be sure to choose to do the brand. (Disadvantage: pre-promotion sales more difficult, mainly point in product sales and brand marketing ideas and thinking, stand high and see far only)
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Third, to solve the customer's worries, solve their "fear"
1. Problem: regional protection
ANSWER ideas
1) from the company's regional protection policies join the exclusive agent support
2) The provisions of punishment (by the manufacturer FALSIFYING 3000 yuan to the punishment being Cuanhuo party, while canceled its proxy, will resort to more serious legal settlement)
2. Home agency: Problems
   ANSWER ideas
1) Restricting agency contract (doing business as good as cooked)
2) the company's overall strategic layout
3) fostering new and old customers the advantages and disadvantages (choose one common values, common brand concept partner is not easy, have spent a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, can not be said separately on separate, of course, unless the partner destruction the common rules of the game)
3. Question: Online price caused the net price of chaos
ANSWER ideas
1) self-built Lynx flagship purpose is to control the price of purity, maintain the unity, as the flagship store and the line image, established brand, let us online and offline businesses to sell UONIPOW good excellent bubble, money, for you to do promotion, beating the drums.
2) the upper and lower frame Taobao authorized, the Company and a personal line of low-cost legal adviser responsible for monitoring complaints closed shop, the company must comply with established rules of the game.